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  • What can we decorate with 1 adhesive roller of 11 meters?

The 11 meter length x 1,9 cm was studied to allow to decorate entirely a hoop of rhythmic gymnastics of competition Pastorelli (section 18 mm diameter and internal diameter of 85 cms). The roller can also decorate a pair of clubs approximately 4,5m to decorate entirely a pair of clubs Pastorelli 45cm (approximately 1,2m for the collar and 1,1m for the body for 1 club 45cm Pastorelli) and approximately 4m to decorate entirely a pair of clubs Pastorelli 41cm (approximately 1m for the collar and 1m for the body for 1 club 41cm Pastorelli)), a pair of ski sticks, etc. … This value, proposed for information purposes, aims at giving you a valuable scale to order the quantity which you need. For the teams, always plan a margin of additional length by security.
Definition of the parts of the club: the collar is the long part connecting the head with the body. The head is the small ball in the extremity never exceeding 3cm a diameter, and the body is the widest part of the clubs at the other end.

  •  What means the number of stars for the quality?
* = Standard quality
** = good quality
*** = very good quality
**** = excellent quality (plasticized) 
  •  What are the precautions to be taken to extend the life expectancy(cycle) of the adhesive?
Avoid the direct light during long hours and the UV which discolor the adhesive. Avoid also the strong hot season which could air the glue.
Before application, well dry and dust the surface to be decorated. 
  •  Or can we store the non-used adhesive?
In shelters: of the direct light, the strong temperatures and the too wet environment. 
  •  For what activities may I use the adhesive decoration?
The rhythmic gymnastics, the RG (RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS)
Twirling, the Drum majorettes
The Hula Hoop
The Skateboard
The Ski, the Snowboard
The Golf
The Bike, The Cycling
The riding
Figure ice skating, the dance
Sticks of Scandinavian walking
The Magic, the Circus
Hoops and clubs of juggling
Fishing lures
The Car tuning, the bike, the car, the motorcycle, the quad
Decoration of your shops and stores
School activities
Works activities
Wedding invitation and birth announcement
Decoration, tables of Christmas Home
The Marriages, the fashion shows
Television studio sets, of theaters, movies
  • What does it  mean :  price/meter "?
SPORT-ADHESIF suggests you comparing all its products by means of the price with the meter. This one is calculated with regard to compared with a 1 meter length x approximately 2 cms in width. This reference also allows you to make comparisons between several suppliers of adhesives. 
  •  To what is of use the transparent?
The transparent allows you to cover the decorations to extend their life expectancy. It is important for quality adhesives standard* (finer in thickness) to protect them on the zones of frictions (example: on stops him hoops of rhythmic gymnastics which undergoes a premature wear by the rotations and the repeated frictions).  
  •  What does it mean " the paper base of protection "?

It is the paper on which the adhesive part bases. SPORT-ADHESIVE proposes a range with paper base or without paper base. To you to choose!

  • What the thermal projection of colors under the movie?

It is the fabrication method of the adhesive tape that allows this one to obtain an optimal esthetic shine and a luminosity. This adhesive tape is frequently used to decorate textiles and clothes. He is single-use and does not allow to be once unstuck again put, if you wish to keep all his depiction.

  • Or to find the technical information on a product?
A description appears below the product to inform you about the technical characteristics of the product. 
  • What are the Materials used for tapes ?
Materials used for tapes are metalised polyester coated with non toxic acrylic adhesive and (for some tapes) mounted on silicon coated release liner. All the materials are NON toxic and be used by adults and children.
  • How to know the availability of articles?
Products presented to SPORT-ADHESIF correspond to our availability. However, he can arrive that the article for which you wish is out of stock. The availability will thus be indicated to the right of the product by " in stock " or "exhausted". 


  •  What the account SPORTADHESIF.COM?
Your account SPORT-ADHESIF, totally free, allows us to have the necessary information for the treatment of your orders. You register the first time your address and phone number(coordinates), and these will automatically be protected for your new commands(orders) in the space " registered(recorded) customers ". You are totally free of your personal data.
Reach your account for:
- Save time during your orders
- Follow the state of your orders
- Download your invoices and shippings
- Consult your old orders and invoices
- Update your address and phone number in your account
- Modify your password
- Register several addresses (to deliver to your friends or members of the family!) 
  •  How to create my account SPORT-ADHESIVE?
To open an account: 
Click the section " my account " or "the connection" which displays above on the right of all the pages of the site. Follow then the procedure by completing the form of the space " record ". If you meet difficulties do not hesitate to contact us. We shall answer you as soon as possible. 


  •  How may I contact you?
A question? A piece of information? SPORT-ADHESIF is for your listening:
- Or by mail in SPORT-ADHESIF 394, route de la Montagne, 74350 Cuvat (FRANCE).
- Or by e-mail by clicking " contact us " and by completing the form of contact.
We shall answer you in every case as soon as possible. 


  •   How to make a command(order)?

Your choice is made? Choose your article then click "Add to cart" to fill your basket. You have then the possibility " to pursue your purchases ", or " to validate your order " by letting you guide through the stages of the procedure of command(order):
1) Mode of order : create your account or become identified if this one is already created.
2) Information of invoicing: indicate your billing address which will appear on your invoice.

3) Information of delivery: you have the possibility of choosing the same address as for the invoicing or of making you deliver to a different address (workplace, family).
4) Mod of delivery: choose your destination and the price list will be directly communicated with you according to your choice. If you opt for an insurance, want necessarily check the box "self-assuredly".
5) Information of payment: choose your method of payment. Bank card or Bank transfer, the order will be validated that has reception of the payment, for a maximum deadline of 10 days. After this deadline, the order will automatically be cancelled.

6) Check of the order : verify all of the information that you seized and " to Adjust purchases " by having beforehand checking the box " I accept general terms of sale ". At the end: the procedure is now ended. You soon go to receive an e-mail of confirmation of your order. 
  •  What are the deadlines of coverage of my order ?
We try to send that very day all the orders validated before 12 am. The mail delivery deadline is then applied.  


  •  What are the different mod of payment ?

Payment by credit card on the web site: the customer validates his address, the item and the total price. He gives the number of his credit card with the expiry date. He validates definitely his order by clicking on the button “Validate”. This validation is final and will commit irrevocably the parties.

Payment by bank transfer: the customer validates his address, the item and the total price. He will find our IBAN which allows him to make the bank transfer. This validation is final and will commit irrevocably the parties. If you choose the payment by bank transfer, you have 10 days to send your payment. After that deadline your order will be automatically canceled. 

  •   Is the on-line payment secured ?
Purchase confidently at SPORT-ADHESIF with the guarantee of a maximal security! SPORT-ADHESIVE brings all its attention on the questions of security concerning the payment on the Internet. Your banking data are passed on in a way coded by the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and transferred in an environment totally secured at our bank BNPParibas. They are preserved on no account.  


  • The list of the delivered countries?
Metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco and FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES + Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Irland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Nederlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Canada, United States (USA), Lebanon, Chile.
  • My parcel, at my home(with me), there how long and at what price(prize)? 

 The shipping price is a single payment, regardless the amount of the order.

Destination                                        Prices in €        + 59€ purchases           Time noted           Way of shipment         Extra Insurance parcel    
FRANCE METROPOLITAN 4,95 € Free* 1 à 3 days Tracking number + 2,00 € (optional)
CORSE 4,95 € Free* 2 à 4 days Tracking number + 2,00 € (optional)
MONACO 4,95 € Free* 2 à 3 days Tracking number + 2,00 € (optional)
DOM-TOM* 9,95 € Free* 4 à 7 days Tracking number + 10,00 € (optional)
28 EUROPE COUNTRIES** 9,95 € Free* 3 à 5 days Tracking number + 10,00 € (optional)
 4  WORLD COUNTRIES*** 25,95 € 25,95 € 5 à 9 days Tracking number + 10,00 € (optional)
The free shipping is a simple expedition without insurance parcel. If you want you can add an insurance parcel in the cart.
*Economic shipment service is available only for following dom tom : Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
Economic shipment service and free shipment are NOT available for following dom tom : : New Calédonia, French Polynésia, Wallis et Futuna, French Southern Territories.
**Economic shipment service is available only for following countries  : Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Irland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Nederlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
Economic shipment service and free shipment are NOT available for following countries : Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Russia.
***Canada, United States (USA), Lebanon, Chile
Delivery time include the preparation of the parcel and the time of shipment for goods in stock.
      •  May I be delivered to another place than my place of residence?
Your account SPORT-ADHESIF allows you to register  the delivery address which you wish … Ideal to send presents or be delivered on his workplace.
      • How may I know the day of shipping and of delivery of my order ?
An e-mail is sent to you that very day of the departure of your order (entitled: My Delivery). From this day, it is necessary to count on average 2 working days to receive in mailbox your parcel. If you wish to know the number of follow-up of your parcel (if for example this one delays being delivered to you), thank you for making us the demand(request) " contact in us " by reminding us your number of order which was passed on to you by e-mail the day of your order.